Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fortunes and fortune tellers

Ok, unpacking is boring. It might take days. Unless there are new exciting things waiting to come out of the suitcase. And this is always the case when I come back from my Silk road trips.

I like clean uncluttered interiors, and I am really happy that our new/old house still has a great capacity to welcome my little treasures. The newly acquired painting “Nostalgia ” is the queen of the evening, of course. I hung it the very same day, jet lag or no jet lag. It seems like I had it forever. I can’t hold myself from posting this photo. There is always a little space for nostalgia…

I am also a proud owner of an antique “suzane”. I still don’t know where to install it, but I am still a proud owner :)

Semi precious stones, ceramics and silver hand-crafted jewelry are something to consider bringing back as well.

Oh, and the (good) fortune telling. To be frank I am a little afraid of fortune tellers, but not this time. The mood was light, the price was fair, and the fortune lady looked nothing like one, it was rather a joke than adventure (ok, a little adventure). She told me a lot of good stuff (perhaps because I warned her NOT to tell me the bad stuff). I can’t tell what it was, otherwise it won’t come true :)

Oh, speaking of new interiors, Teatro Palino and the UnvermeidBar are re-opening this coming Friday. The second floor is available now and the brand new kitchen with fancy cocktails and delicious treats.

Have a great week everyone and only good news for all!

Love, Anna
P.S. And for those of you who hint I haven’t been posting much of my own works lately, I post a fragment of my new painting “Sleeping blackbirds”. For mosaic parts I am using motifs of early islamic tiles. I like this one, with lotus heads in cobalt-blue, turquoise and bole red...magical, almost hypnotic. 

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