Friday, 27 August 2010

At a glanz

I am graciously accepting congratulations: I finally bought my very first SLR camera (sweet second-hand Canon EOS 400D)! Long time dream come true! (I could never save up for it…too many nice shoe shops around… :-)

Summer afternoon in the "altstadt" Baden, Teatro Palino by the city tower.

Summer afternoon in Zürich... Window of Balthazar café

Yes, I am taking lots of pictures this week. I click at anything that moves, and that is still; from beautiful things, to ordinary, to odd… Flowers, bees, cows, a few people (when they were not looking), and…food. Food never appeared more appealing (to me) than through the lens of that camera.

Mon petit déj a la Russe :-)

It's berry time! Experimenting with mascarpone and forest berries for dinner dessert yesterday
Looking for hints and inspiration I turned to my archive of Gourmet magazines. For years it had been my virtual travel machine. All the exotic places and recipes, all the intensive colors of unknown spices and fruits, healthy happy people “talking” about their favorite flavors… Every time a new issue came it was like meeting an old friend who just returned from a long journey.

Gourmet wasn’t just about the food. The header summed it up perfectly: “The magazine of Good Living”. Gourmet has been published since January 1941, and now Condé Nast shut it down after 68 years. The electronic version still exists, but it can’t compete with a scent of glossy pages which you could take to bed or garden, and dip in and out of the “tasty” adventures... I will sure miss it.

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