Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sleeping Woman and a Cat

A couple of weeks ago I wrote „If I could paint events and impressions of the last week, the image would be a bright, surrealistic mosaic…“. Minutes after the posting I thought:  why shouldn’t I actually do it? Et voila, here are some first impressions of my new (still unfinished) painting “Une femme et un Chat endormi”. It measures 100 cm x 50 cm, acryllic paint and leaf gold (23.75 k) on canvas.  

It’s funny how emotions fade, even after a few days… It’s so much easier with events, even the most unremarkable ones, they leave a print in the memory, they have structures, something to grab on. Emotions are so ephemeral and volatile… Is that why we take pictures of happy moments, to have the “evidence” of our happiness? Anyway, I tried my best to reconstruct the events of the week, mostly in the form of color and movement; this painting is like a song without a text, one can write his own words to it.

Have a brilliant Sunday, everyone, and only upbeat melodies.




  1. hi anna, i found that picture via a googlesearch for some chilidaprints, because yesterday in münster i saw some amazing prints of chilida, where he prints rusty metal figures on printing paper - i don't know why google showed me the picture of your painting, last weeks i painted a colored sketch in a nearby manner with gold and red bronze - i really like your picture i think it's very beautiful and i really like it!

  2. Hi Pete! thank you for your comment! Now it is my turn to look for chillida prints, you got me curious :-)