Friday, 5 November 2010

Size doesn’t matter

You are not thinking what I am thinking. Think ART. Think SPACE. Think UNIKAT. It’s a tiny showroom in the old part of Baden (Switzerland) which welcomes artists, big and small, if there is such a thing… Tonight is a vernissage of two sisters: paintings by Heidi Sauter, and wonderful ceramic by her sister Monika.

A perfect harmony of colours and shapes.

It seems this petite atelier expands itself , fitting to the mood of the evening. Large art pieces do not overwhelm the space but complete it. I am fascinated and puzzled. I hope the same magic will happen in February, when my paintings will be shown in Unikat (yey!)… I am thinking lots of tropical flowers, "Glühwein", candles and snow outside…  Let’s see. All  details about the exposition will be posted additionally.
 Esther Domedi, the owner of Unikat and the artist herself welcomes quests...

I wish you a unique weekend.



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