Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Royal Night of Divas

How Diva are you? 

According to Simona Hofmann and Stella Luna Palino, Diva lives in all of us, sleeping innocently or longing to come out, or she IS out and about in our everyday life. Diva is not female, not male; the diva is in the nature of every human being. Often the Diva hides in pride and in the aesthetics of a person, sneaking in through the exaggerated mannerisms and gestures, through deliberately staged appearance, and therefore has a theatrical touch. 
Friday night Theater Royale Baden wants to celebrate this theatrical attitude! THE NIGHT OF THE ROYAL DIVAS - Are there any divas around?

The programme consists of chanson duet of Stella Luna Palino and pianist Ueli Gygli. Simona Hofmann staged a lively Divas Gallery and Sandro Scarabelli from Cutting Edge coiffes live while a film about the world class divas runs on the background. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Dress code for the guests is - of course - the Divas Look. Let your wild side appear as Divas at the Royal!

So, How Diva are you?


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