Friday, 1 March 2013

Art of Remembering

Today is the 1st of March 2013. Is it special for you? Is it tragic? Is it unremarkable?

The same day in 1968 Johnny Cash (who is, by the way, born the same day as me) got married to June Carter.

1st of March 1969 Xavier Bardem is born.

1st of March 1995 returning from the broadcasting of his wildly popular show "Rush hour"  Russian journalist Vlad Listiev got shot on his way home.

Some celebrate their birthdays, others die. Countries invade neighboring countries. Hurricanes pass. Meteorites fall... How does it mark us? How do you remember things?

How about a poem a day to remind you of what happened?

In a week, the 8th of march, in Baden opens a new cultural venue. I don't believe there is a name yet, but there is an address: Kronengasse 4 (next to the Claque-Keller), Baden, Switzerland.

It takes off with a Lyrical 2013 show. First period from Tom Steinemann. (2013 Lyrische Jahrschau. Erste Periode von Tom Steinemann).

He is the soul of the Kronengasse 4 and he indeed writes a poem a day. To remember.

Here is one of his memories from January 2013.

funky claude blues

smoke on the water
fire in the sky
the party is over
the blues will never die

rumble in the jungle
love in paradise
die or live forever
money is the price

the aim is the claim
heels are the skills
the bank will change its cover
but SMI is high

just in a groovy cottage
above montreux lake
hug and wine and maybe tears
truly were not fake

walk on water
pie in the sky
the party is over
funky claude has died
Claude Nobs, the soul of Montreux Jazz Festival, 1936 - 2013   
Wed 6. to Sun 24 of March
Tue/Wed/Thr 19:30-22h, Sat/Sun 15-17:30
Vernissage: Friday, 08.03.2013, 20H
Kronengasse 4 (next to the Claque-Keller), Baden, Switzerland

There will be poems, there will be wine, there will be memories.

Good weekend and



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