Monday, 27 May 2013

Being John Pavlicek

If you had a choice to be someone who would you choose? (bizarre question, I know, but still...) I'd choose to be John Pavlicek for a day (or two). Looking through old archives of Architectural Digest I came across a wonderful triptych by this American painter. Pavlicek's works remind me of music, they make me dream, they carry me away, they make me sing...well, you get the picture...

 Artist Name: John Pavlicek
Title: Garcia's Bend, 2011 (JP 3284)
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 44 inches
Height: 66 inches

Artist Name: John Pavlicek
Title: Milly's Garden, 2012 (JP 3301)
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 42 inches
Height: 60 inches

By the way, speaking of Architectural Digest,    I was looking for articles on renovation, on furniture renovation to be precise. The thing is I found a magnificent old French oak cabinet. Not sure about its age, but considering the layer of dust and mold resting on it I am giving it not less than a hundred. 
In spite of  terrible conditions it has been stored in my new treasure revealed itself in an almost perfect shape. My hands are itching to give it a layer of red lacquer , but I am afraid to lose tiny details in the carvings. I am certain that John Pavlicek would have know what to do... What do you think?...

Lovely evening to everyone.


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