Thursday, 21 November 2013

I forgot my phone

Hello, I am an exhibitionist.

Aren't we all these days?? Just look at your Facebook page (if you don't have one pass on, this post is for the rest of the world): here I am jumping into the pool; here is my dinner!, look it's my cocktail at the cocktail party I missed yesterday because I took pictures of my cocktails to post here! And so on and on and on. Certainly, there are many great debates for a "good cause" going on there and it's a powerful way to be heard. What I am fretting about is our "need" to stay connected. Till his last days my father refused to have a mobile (those days they were un-smart) phone,  he felt imprisoned with it. I totally understand, but it is hard to imagine how to live without one these days. 

Smartphones are vicious. And very helpful: I wouldn't make it without it in a daily frenzy of train schedules and my music makes it easier to travel too. Sometimes I am too tired to read so I am sneaking in Facebook or checking my Whatsapp, sending a photo of my take-away sushi plate to my boyfriend. Once in a while I love to "check in" from atop of a mountain or some other amazing place (this Facebook feature is awesome anyway).  But than again, I am alone. 

But what's with friends in a bar sending messages (to better friends?) instead of talking to each other about their day... What's wrong with us?? A sad and poignant short film about modern life and smart-phone alienation "I forgot my phone" has been making waves since a while now.  I actually cried when I first saw it (yes, ok, you don't need much to get me to me cry, but still). 

It's like we cannot be one place at a time, we need to be everywhere. The  fear of missing out... I am a relatively tolerant person , but PLEASE no phone on the dinner table next to a lit candle: I want to be alone with you, darling... No phone in the bedroom please, for the exactly same reason... 

Maybe I am not that exhibitionist after all.

Nice intimate evening to you.



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