Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Day With...

"I fall in love with almost every person I photograph. 
I want to get close. This is personal for me"

Stephanie Sinclair
How was your day?

I spent mine with my God son who just turned 3. And that's how I remember him on his first birthday, when he bursted into tears just before the candle ceremony :-) Time really flies and I realize I have to spend more time with people I love... 

Apart from that, turning up a bit early for an appointment this morning I was sitting in a waiting room leafing Das Ideale Heim magazine where I came across a wonderful Swiss photographer Catherine Gailloud and her blog My Day With.  Of course the evening passed looking at her work: splendid swiss landscapes and great architecture, lovely interiors and lively portraits... She even bothers to translate her interviews into English (with all my love to French language...:-)  More of her work is on her website: www.cgailloud.com 

In that very same waiting room I had a chance to discover another great person and photographer - Stephanie Sinclair, whose pictures are known to millions, especially lovers of National Geographic where she is a regular contributor. Cinclair is an American photographer and a human rights fighter. 

You probably recognize this photo she took in Afghanistan. 

Her photo series, “Child Brides,” examines “how children continue to be forced into marriage in more than 50 countries around the world.” The project was the result of eight years of work in Afghanistan, NepalEthiopiaIndia, and Yemen. Here is the projects website tooyoungtowed.org.

So that was my day. Since we are talking photography here, may I brag a little? I just got my box of new flyers! Happy as Alex with his birthday cake today :-)

Good night.


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