Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This weekend I absolutely unexpectedly found myself in Vichy, France. AND to my great delight I learned that there is a grandiose art events going on in this charming town - 12 different photographers share 12 different perspectives on portrait.  
Expositions were taking place all over the city, but we had very little time, so we went to the riverside where portraits of  Elliott Erwitt were exposed at the promenade.  
Many of Eliotts' photographs are known to us since decades and need no introduction. What I didn't know though is that the photographer, "who got the best out of Castro, Kerouac, and Monroe",  was a son of Russian immigrants and was born in France. 
Dogs have a special place in Erwitts work. 
On our way back to a carI saw this dog and his young owner. First they caught my attention since they both were dressed in black and white. But afterwards, already at home, I thought that the dog looks like Albert Einstein in the famous photo sticking his tongue at the world. :-)
And I bit of color at the end from the castle of Busset, near Vichy….

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