Sunday, 27 September 2015

Old news

Just with one month delay here are some pictures of preparations for my exposition. It was quite fruitful and educational experience. Since it was my first exhibition in France, I was a bit intimidated with France's gastronomic reputation and overall fanciness, so here is a little list of mistakes :-) :

1. I spent too much money on wine.  I listened to an advice to serve a fairly good wine of the region, logical since we are in Burgundy. Having not much time to investigate I bought some boxes at the boutique next door. For a half-price I'd have better wine if I bothered to ask friends (or even experts) about their everyday preferences from the supermarket wines.

2. Same with food. Again following some advice, I ordered fancy pastry from a local bakery, which cost me a leg. At last minute, being worried that it won't be enough, I bought some deep frozen stuff, which at the end was pretty good for a fraction of money spent on fancy cheese puffs. Conclusion? It should be about art, not food!

3. Since it was my first photo exposition I made a major mistake of not asking friends who modeled for me to sign a model release. I know, I know, everybody knows :-). Well, I didn't and again, it cost me a (second) leg :-). But it is called experience, you know. So I am now wise and knowledgeable. :-)

4. The forth mistake (the order is completely hazardous) is that I did not do a proper communication. I did have a good friend who was responsible for the distribution of 300 invitations, and he did a good job - Thank you Franck! 

Although I did not contact any media beforehand. Miss procrastination simply didn't have time to do so. 

First little notes started to appear in the papers few days after the vernissage, which helped to attract more visitors the following week. 

Will be back soon with more pictures and stories.


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