Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Change of plans

Something huge, yellow, and warm struck against my windows. I peered out from under the duvet: “Nah. Neeeeh. Noup. Can’t be. CAN’T BE! The sun? THE sun?” I felt like one of those heroes in sci-fi movies walking out of a cave/star ship rumble/grey city block clearing out from a ten-year-old nuclear dust and looking in bewilderment and disbelief at comrades with an uncertain widening smile on unshaven faces…tears shining in the eyes: “We survived…”

Ok. But why now? Where has it been all that time? Why had it decided to show up when I declared to the world my winter depression, crawled to the nearest drug store to buy some vitamin C (make it also A, B, D, E, and some fish oil), and brought back two weighty value packs of various chocolate bars and a few good films? It’s not fair. What shall I do with you now, Sun? Have to go out obviously. Kuba the cat agreed.

So I dug out my ancient Armani sunglasses (it's kinda shocking: not the rain- or the snowglasses...the SUNglasses) and went out to buy new brushes, because I wanted to paint again. No, it should be written in capital letters: I WANT TO PAINT AGAIN. Then I had a coffee with a friend in a very pretty little café, it might become a next (little)exposition spot :). Then I went to a gym and bought one month subscription. I am a sportive person, but I have never been to a gym before.  After two hours of grunting and pressing buttons (unsuccessfully) on various machines I am back home marveling at my new brushes and wondering how much my muscles will hurt tomorrow. I am feeling quite happy actually. I am back. Change of plans.

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