Thursday, 18 February 2010

Upside of Inevitable

One of upsides of being an artist is that you get to meet lots of kindred spirits. A year ago I was lucky to get acquainted with a troupe of Teatro Palino in Baden (http://www.palino.ch/). Since then, if I am not painting or being away, I am there – restoring, serving drinks (it's an art too!) and talking to fellow artists at UnvermeidBar, an inevitable part of Teatro Palino.
Teatro Palino has two hearts – Marc Palino Brunner and Simona Hofmann (www.simonahofmann.ch/). Being same age with Simona we quickly became close. Last night she played her solo spectacle “Nachts explodieren deine Träume” in Theater Tuchlaube, Aarau. To watch on one breath. Funny, sad, sharp, ironic. If you get a chance to see this one woman show – do not miss it.
On the way back home from Tuchlaube I took the same train with Marc Palino Brunner and Xavier Mestres. Tomorrow they play their new piece 'ZWDU Der Zweifel' in Baden (the premiere took place in Gerona festival in December 2009). Two guys, one beard, I am looking forward to it. To watch this duet is always a joy – both on stage and in real life (always improvisations and uncontrollable giggles). Their friendship goes 30 years back to their wild times in Paris. The piece will be played in Teatro Palino till 21st of March.

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