Friday, 19 March 2010

Wednesday Blues, Thursday Jazz

Yesterday my otherwise vacant evening was interrupted by a phone call with a request to fill in at the bar. It was Thursday, which in UnvermeidBar language means JAZZ.

Since I can remember (and I can only remember from February 2009 on (that’s when I learned to know the Teatro Palino gang) every Thursday a tiny stage of UnvermeidBar is filled with talented, prominent (or not at all), but invariably very cool people.  Christoph Baumann, Hämi Hämmerli, Toni Renold – just to name a few.

To be frank, I have no idea when the “Ueli &Friends” project started. Every Thursday Ueli Gygli, teacher by day and pianist by night, walks through UnvermeidBar doors - with a guest. It is always a mystery. It is always a treat.

Ueli and his companion take their places on stage. The atmosphere is light; the guest of the night is humorous and easy going. But something is different. After a few minutes the audience falls silent (a pretty rare event too). Suddenly it feels like a chamber music concert. 
The guest is Gallus Burkard. He has been a member of the Zurich Tonhalle-Orchestra since 1990. He plays contrabass which he built himself (being nearly illiterate music-wise I admire anyone who can play anything, but building your own instrument which can actually produce a sound?..). Since 10 years Gallus plays with Trio Gilboa and is a member of Swiss Octet. A striking resume and a matching personality to go with it.

If you happen to be in Baden on Thursday evening, don’t miss the opportunity to meet some extraordinary people at the UnvermeidBar.

Have an extraordinary weekend everyone!   

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