Monday, 12 April 2010

7 minutes with M. Keyes or the „Yes“ woman

Ok, it is going to be a muddled post, because I am in a tangled state of mind today (it’s a good thing). Have you seen a movie with Jim Carrey “Yes man”? Yes? No? Yes? Well, you should, I mean, everybody should...because every single each of us at some point of life (multiply it by 1000) is missing on an opportunity. We say “No” to too many things, for different reasons (or without any reason at all): laziness, fear of commitment, fear of judgment, fear of this, fear of that.

Perhaps it was the fresh wind of Normandy, or too many oysters, or the long boring winter that made it obvious to me: something has to change (let’s start with that weather, ok?)… And I am changing my life: I am becoming a “Yes” woman. It doesn’t mean that if you approach me with an absurd proposition, like jumping off the Eifel tower, I will jump into the opportunity (ok, maybe with a bungee cord I will…).

A couple of days ago I was sitting in a train opposite of a young woman who was reading a book (In English!). It was a novel I read a while ago “Anybody out there?” by Marian Keyes, one of my favorite female Irish writers. Normally I would just keep looking out of the window with an absent face, because I always worry to be a nuisance to others. But at this very moment I have been thinking about the whole “Yes” concept, so I decided to speak to her. Apparently it was her favorite writer too, so we were shooting titles and names at each other, as if speaking in some secret language. 7 minutes of bliss and complete understanding.

I might sound banal and pathetic to you that I am writing about such an unimportant incident (see?.. another fear), but you can’t even imagine what it takes for me to make a first step, no matter how big or how small. There, I said it. I will leave you at that now (no one promised smooth, well-shaped thoughts, remember?), I have a thousand of first steps to make (getting out of bed will be the first challenge).

If anyone is reading this blog, which I doubt for the most of the time, your thoughts and comments are welcome. Yes.

I wish you a fear free week…now, where is that bungee cord?..

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