Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Last week the little stage of Teatro Palino in Baden welcomed an interesting couple: Laura Ender and A Cello… A woman and her Passion, her longing for love.

Thirty minutes. Dark empty stage. Not one word. Naked heroine Olga. A Cello. Olga is in love. With her instrument. Or is it her memories?.. Nudity is shocking, not because of nakedness of the body, but because of exposure of the soul. Tension is so thick, one can almost cut it with a knife.

After a string of disturbing wonderings such as “I hope they disinfected the floor”, I start to submerge after the heroine into her dream world. But suddenly it is not Olga, it is Laura speaking, presenting herself and the sound technician, and making a dialog with the public. It is like being pulled up from a bottom of an ocean in three seconds. I want to scream: “No, no. Please bring back Olga…”

Olga is back. And so are her memories. We are in Buenos Aires now. I am sitting just two meters away from Olga, I can see tiny drops of sweat on her skin, and luster in her eyes as she dreams of melongas… Beautiful plastique, a perfect balance between wilderness and surrender. Laura manages to sketch the essence of a female soul with an astonishing precision. I am glad to be hidden by darkness as at some moments I feel like she is telling my story and I am almost certain that I am blushing…

“ErreichPaar” is a piece about longing, love and loneliness. Do go and see it if you have a chance. If you want to understand a woman. If you want to feel alive. And maybe a little lonely.

Have a wonderful week and a few lonely moments, it will do you good.



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