Monday, 18 October 2010

Hello, Angel

I have been playing with the idea of limited edition art prints for quite a while now, but somehow I never found the right moment or piece to actually test out the technique. Now I’ve got a good reason: I miss my Guardian Angel Number Three, the one from “The other side”… I do visit it once in a while (it may be found in Teatro Palino in Baden (1 floor), but apparently monthly visits are simply not enough.   

Zanj Gadyen Mwen (Creole for "My guardian Angel"). The other side.  Art print with hand-applied leaf gold detail. Edition of 20.

Limited edition art prints of this work are available now. Art print measures  70 cm X 50 cm, and is enhanced with a hand-applied leaf gold (23.75 k) detail. The Angel is printed on linen and has a lovely texture of the original.  Each print is hand-signed and numbered (edition of 20). 

 "Sonntags Brunch und Bild" at Teatro Palino.
Marc "Palino" Brunner and The Angels :-). May 2010, Baden

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