Thursday, 17 February 2011

Catching Up

Ten more days to go till the end of my exposition and it’s time for a little mid-term update. Guess what? I got recognized on the street yesterday. “Nice article!” someone said. Palms of my hands sweating, I run walk briskly  to the nearest newspaper stand and buy 5 copies of Aargauer Zeitung - utterly failing to look nonchalant. :-) Frantically leafing through I get to the page 32 and tah-dah! – here I am. 

Aargauer Zeitung from 16. Feb 2011. Click to enlarge.

Ursula Burgherr (www.ursulaburgherr.ch), a journalist from the Aargauer Zeitung, did a great job translating my chaotic, mosaic-like bits of thoughts into smooth romantic impressions on life, people and Swiss culture. 

Quite a few visitors passed by the showroom after reading the article, and thank you for all the nice emails and sms :-).  Next Saturday, Feb 26th I am making a little closing event at Unikat (Obere Halde 32, Baden) from 17h to 21h. I am looking forward to see more of you there, to share a glass of something, and to cheer for the coming spring.

Have a warm weekend.


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