Friday, 8 April 2011

Bright Thoughts

Ouch! I have been diagnosed with a BSD! Never heard of it? Oh, yes, you had to: Beautiful Spring Disorder?.. Symptoms? Hmm… Severe laziness, uncontrollable daydreaming, and atrophy of shame for all of the above. :-) (Nothing  new, heh?) Ok, seriously now, it’s wonderful outside isn’t it? But I have been trying to working and my Kulobi dancer is nearly finished and my summer atelier is cleaned up nicely. 

See, my summer atelier in winter is an “I-am-too-lazy-and-it’s-too-cold-to-go-to-the-cellar-so-I-ll-leave-this-here” kind of place, so…lots to do in April. But this newly arranged cosiness doesn’t help, mind you; all I want to do is lie on my oriental bed and look out of the window and listen to all the insane birds singing outside, and imagine all the exciting things this spring is preparing for us, and visualising finally burning bringing to the cleaners my grey winter coat, and putting on something like that:    

Ah, if I only had those legs! (Sigh.) These are creations of Mary Katrantzou, a fabulous designer I have discovered today. Ok, I agree, these pieces are kinda hard to pull off  (especially if you are a guy), but aren’t they lovely? After her Spring 2011 show Katrantzou said: "With this collection, I wanted to put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room". She also says, she'd been looking at the highly stylized seventies photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin when it occurred to her that the interiors in the pictures were just as important as the models. And guess where the images of these interiors are coming from? From old issues of Architectural Digest!

And if in her Spring 2011 collection a woman tries on an interior filled with beautiful objects, in her Fall collection the woman IS a beautiful object:
Don’t these images make you think of Fabergé eggs, Ming porcelain vases, and mistresses of the Luis XIV?..  “Everything about man should be beautiful: the face, the clothes, the soul and the thoughts,” wrote Anton Chekhov. Mary Katrantzou would probably agree, don't you? :-)
Have a lovely weekend, everybody, - bright and filled with magnificent things!


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