Friday, 1 April 2011

The Power of Place

Returning home from far away places is always good; returning home with the latest copy of Architectural Digest sitting on the mail stand is even better :-). That means the far away places come to you – all at once! “The power of place” is the title of the last issue featuring eight beautiful homes around the globe.  
I have been a raging fan of the AD magazine for ten years now, and it never ceases to surprise.  A team of talented writers and photographers labour on each issue to make is special. Passion for design and beauty shines through every picture, every line. AD taught me to appreciate mid-century design and to love lived-in things, showed me how to look at objects from a different angle, and  dare to combine uncombinable. 

Not everything I am onto is a success, but the process of cutting, re-painting, and re-stretching is fun on its own.  The last attempt is a winner I think, so I dare to post a couple of pictures. When a friend moved to a new apartment, I “inherited” her grandmother’s PFAFF sewing machine. It looked something like this one by Adler...
No, I wasn’t going to become a seamstress; the idea was to make a table for my bedroom. First I removed the machine leaving the wooden base, but it looked heavy and dated. So a couple of days ago I went radical, removing the whole wooden structure and replacing it with a thick glass with round corners. Voila! The surface is much larger now, the table looks weightless and one can see all the nice a little dusty cast iron details. :-)
 I wish you a constructive weekend!


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  1. Hi Anna, Thank you for your comments on the AD The Power of Place. We created one of the homes featured in the Renaissance Man article. The frescoes were done by the fresco artist iLia Anossov who lives in Los Angeles. You may see more of his works at www.iLAdesigns.com.