Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bohemian lifestyle

“Bohemian” as in Bohemia, Czech Republic, that is. With a season of garden parties around the corner there will be a lot of glasses to wash up. Despite the following morning hassle I am not ready to compromise: no plastic cups for me, please; when it comes to a nice drink it should come in a nice glass.
I do appreciate sleek lines of modern design, but there is something fascinating about the intricacy of an old glass. Maybe the secret is in the loving hands that have made it. Or the stories it could have overheard in the passage of years. Or is it a musical sound spilling over after a gentle clinking?…

With a good quality glass available practically everywhere at affordable prices, antique crystal glass is not much of a luxury anymore. And if antique shops (Lucerne is the best place to go antique window shopping for me) sell it for a head-spinning prices, there are many flea markets in peripheries that sell them out next to nothing, especially the unpaired ones. I love to set my table with mismatching items: we are talking bohemian after all, aren’t we? ;-)

Lovely Sunday evening, everyone!



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