Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rainy Thursday

It’s been raining cats and dogs yesterday in Geneva. More than that, cats were wearing boots. Well, at least ONE did – the cat from the restaurant “Le Chat-botté” of the Hotel Beau Rivage.

This beautiful hotel was founded by the Mayer family in 1865, and has been at the forefront of hospitality for more than four generations: the staff is exeptionally courteous - even if you have come there to have a glass of mineral water (exactly my case!). 
It was one day too early for Sotheby’s exhibit exposition which is located in the hotels' building…But there were plenty of other things to see and to experience. 

Although my trip to Geneva was purposeful and work-related, plans have been swiftly rearranged: if a shower catches you at the Parc des bastions, what else is left to do if not jump into a pavilion and have a cappuccino with a heavenly tasty crème-brulée?
Or step into one of great many little and not-so art galleries tucked in the street of the old town?  
I liked very much the granite sculptures by Jean-Yves Gosti, but I cant remember the name of that gallery!  

And don't even let me get started with all the magnificent Art Deco salons...

Image www.artdecoplus.ch

It wasn’t a bad Thursday at all, but the weekend looks quite intense: I live in an inverse schedule since some time. Hopefully no deceiving showers tomorrow, have a wonderful Saturday.  



  1. Who cares about the rain when you can get NICE crème-brulée!?

  2. tres belle.. awesome pictures.. greeting from zürich :D