Sunday, 14 August 2011

Surreal Camping Rimini

Baden (Switzerland) is a city which - once discovered - never really lets you go. Cozy streets of the old part with its welcoming cafes and cultural venues: province at its best, familiar, yet never boring and capable to surprise again and again. 

Every summer Stella Mark Palino Brunner (A former clown, mime and rope dancer, an actor, director and theater manager, and a symbol of Baden since years) puts up a summer theatre, bringing together friends, professional artists, musicians, acrobats under the same roof. This summer is the roof (or rather say many little camping tents) of Camping Rimini. 
 Image www.baden.ch
This contemporary theatrical work is a reflection on the possible and impossible coexistence of people.  Camping site - the model of our colorful and complexed complex  world.  Grotesque, political, surrealistic, funny with a touch of fatalism - for two hours Camping Rimini keeps you keen and wondering “What comes next?”... Life-size giraffes, piano soaring above spectators, rope dancers, racing cars – what else is needed to keep you entertained? :-)  
  Nadine Tobler and Yannick Longet
 Maren Gamper in a retro futuristic suit is soaring above spectators while playing piano

If you happen to be around Baden these days do go and see Camping Rimini summer theatre. The show goes on till September 11th 2011. For detailed information  go to http://www.sommertheater-baden.ch .

Just a few hundred meters from the camping site there was another wonderful event last night:  two years anniversary of Frau Meise, a little cafe and a design shop in the heart of the old Baden. Here antique furniture and fresh homemade cupcakes meet young designers from all over Europe. Regular concerts take place as well. For more info go to http://www.fraumeise.ch
Gotta run now. Have a nice Sunday, everybody!

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