Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bye-Bye Summer

So the summer is officially over. Are you sad about the fact? Me? Au contraire.  I am looking forward to autumn with its gray and foggy days  and spider nets beaded with morning dew…  With leaves turning all shades of amber…. With streets shining after the evening shower reflecting lights of dressed-up shop windows. No, really. 

Ok, I am being a little mischievous here (when am I not?). Writing that, I am keeping one eye on my watch and a suitcase at the door… The thing is I am leaving in a half an hour… I am going back to summer. No, I am not traveling back in time; I am flying to Central Asia this afternoon.  Just to clear the picture: the local weather forecast for today : +30C, Sunny..Ha!

Enjoy the autumn! I will send a postcard from summer!


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