Friday, 14 October 2011

Dasha + Sasha

Daria and Alexandre (Dasha and Sasha for friends and family) are getting married. Today. In fact, as we speak (or shall I say: as I am talking to myself here) they are having a hellova  of a party. 
Dasha is a little sister of an old good school friend of mine, and as I was in the area visiting my family, they asked me to make their wedding pictures. Unfortunately I had to fly back a couple of days earlier, so I offered them a "prenuptial" photo session.
I was torn apart between colored or monochrome version, and finally decided for monochrome: Their raging youth and the rampant late summer verdure just couldn’t fit into the picture :-). No, really, the colored version came out very dynamic; but I prefer this one,  it’s a little more romantic and nostalgic.


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