Monday, 13 February 2012

Parlez-vous Français?..

Handkerchiefs come very handy this chilly winter.

A frozen fountain in front of the Zurich train station...

So when a friend invited me to watch a film “Les petits mouchoirs” (English title: “Little white lies”) I thought: “Hmm, how appropriate”. (The selection of French cheeses and wine accompanying the screening was almost as tempting as the delicious summer movie by Guillaume Canet…)

- You know why it is called “Les petits mouchoirs”, by the way?
- I don’t know… Maybe they do some Russian folk dance in the middle of the film?
- Yeah, funny. Actually no, the French say: if you got a problem, take a handkerchief (un mouchoir), wrap it in and put it in your pocket…

“At 35, you don't look at things the same way as when you're 20, you've already taken a few knocks. I decided to enter a process of analysis—a fairly time-consuming process that was more productive than I could ever have imagined because it resulted in me writing this script in under five months. That's what makes the movie so special for me. I cannot make a more personal movie than LES PETITS MOUCHOIRS”. (from the interview with the movie director Guillaume Canet, http://www.quinsreviews.com/).
Guillaume Canet

It’s a dramatic comedy about friendship and human interaction, about inner conflicts and explosions of unexpected reactions. It is life shot from the inside. You are being pulled into the screen, on the sandy beaches and cozy sofas and into the broken hearts. What moves me especially is the film’s versatility, the power to touch a person of any age. Sitting in a semidarkness I notice people having their emotional moments, laughing and crying at their own reflections on the screen, all at different times.

Oh, yes…The soundtrack is outstanding…Have a look:

The cast is perfect too: Gilles Lellouche, Marion Cotillard, François Cluzet , Jean Dujardin… Anyway, it seems those Frenchies are taking over me a little by little… With their cheeses and wines, their humor and sensibility, and their cinema, of course.

Another must-see is “Intouchables”, a French drama and a comedy about a paralyzed Parisian aristocrat and a young offender of Senegalese descent, who become inseparable. Inspired by a true story the film is even more poignant.

So grab a good friend and go to see a good film - this endless winter will seem a little warmer and a little shorter.
Je vous aime,


  1. Je vous aime,

  2. Je t'aime plus!


  3. Quelle belle présentation pour ces films !
    Elle me donne le goût de retourner au cinéma.
    Démarche que je n'ai pas faîte depuis tant d'années ! Merci à vous Anna.