Friday, 24 February 2012

Works of heArt

Just as I was going to write a lamenting post about how I am tired of this endless winter, the sun came out and the rest of snow is melting and everything seems cheerier.

Since quite a long time I planned to post the painting of a Kulobi dancer which I finished last spring. Kulob is a region in Tajikistan where ancient traditions are kept sacredly from generation to generation. Their beautiful dances and colorful, hand-made clothes are captivating. So now I just have finished a “sister” painting of a Kulobi dancer – “On the market”. Both paintings measure 150 cm x 50 cm, medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas.

They are not cutting edge contemporary art pieces, but warm memories that come from the heart, colorful souvenirs that can brighten up someone’s day.

Embroidered piece from Central Asia (Suzani). Designs often include flowers and circular forms signifying the sun.

 Have a sunny weekend.



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