Saturday, 7 April 2012

Another Air

A friend’s resent trip to Prague reminded me that I completely forgot to tell you about MY recent trip to Prague.  It has been a sunny day and a cool wind was blowing and bringing another air to the city.

 “Another Air” is a name of the exhibition displaying past two decades of Czech and Slovak Surrealism at Prague’s Old Town Hall.

The exhibits were very eclectic: from oil paintings, to colorful drawings, to totem sculptures, to video installations, to mind-disturbing collages, showing a true all-embracing nature of Surrealism.
Lucie Hrušková, kresba
Wandering between the exhibits in the narrow corridors of the ancient building one could read quotations about art by Czech and Slovak artists and prominent. I liked very much the passage of Blazej Ingr: “One cannot reach for expressive means as one would for the kitchen utensils. It is necessary to reach for them as one reaches for a paperweight in a fury”. 

Speaking of art and fury… Washing my brushes at the end of the day today, I thought it did look quite furious :-), so I made a photo.

Nice weekend to all.



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