Sunday, 29 April 2012

En bref...

Short Film Nights are swiping through Switzerland. Yesterday the event arrived to Aarau in Kino Schloss. 

Films are divided into blocks, such as “Over the limit – New Aargauer short films”,  „Science fiction – the Universe is everywhere“, “Swiss Shorts - Award-winning Swiss films”,  “Best of – 10 years of short film night tour”. 

I have no idea who told me that I did not like short films… no wait, it was me. And I was very very wrong – I loved it! (yes, yes, the queen of inconsistency…)

I liked all of the Swiss Shorts, I can’t even chose a favorite… “L’ambassadeur et moi” was very human and sentimental at the end, but the shock came with “Bon voyage”, an animated film by Fabio Friedli, 2011. When the screen went dark at the end, the theater fell into silence; I think people were uncomfortable even to breathe.  

Catching only a half of Science Fiction block and I immediately fell in love with Yuri, lost in endless universe.

Yuri. Immanuel Wagner / Katja Schiendorfer / Cécile Brun / Nils Hedinger, Switzerland, 2009, 

“Le Voyage dans la lune” - an ironic interpretation of our reality -  is undeniably a hit too, with its new soundtrack and recently restored colors…  Impossible to imagine that the film was made 110 years ago. 

Le voyage dans la lune. Georges Méliès, France, 1902, 13 '

Kurzfilmnacht tour 2012 is definitely something to see in the coming months. Here you can find next dates and places of the Short Film Night tour 2012. 

And if you by chance find yourself in the old town of Aarau snatch the opportunity to pass by Tuchlaube, a theater and a café where you can eat delicious „flammkuchen“ and drink bright and perfect for these finally sunny days “Bicicletas” :-)

Have a good week!

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