Monday, 15 October 2012

Swiss Press Photo 2012

Continuing the theme of photography here is a nice tip:  "Swiss Press Photo 12" - photographs published last year in the Swiss press and awarded by an international jury - are on the display in Bern's Käfigturm (Political Forum of the Confederation)

The first prize of the Swiss press photographer of the year went to Mark Henley for his photographs on the economy and banks. 

90 exhibited photographs deal with subjects as diverse as News, Sports, International, Life, Environment, Art and Culture.

The Käfigturm itself is an interesting exhibit: the medieval tower is part of the UNESCO CulturalWorld Heritage Site of the Old City of Bern and a Cultural Property of National Significance. The original tower was built as a gate house during the second expansion of Bern in 1256. The tower was demolished in 1640 and completely rebuilt immediately thereafter.

 I had a surreal feeling, finding myself walking up steep stairs of the tower protected from the noise of the city by 500 years old walls. The entry is free and it's the best place to have a quiet moment in the middle of a busy day. 

"Swiss Press Photo 12" offers the opportunity to review the year 2011 until 24th of Nov 2012. 

Good week to all!


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  1. Nice post, I love the first photo about the man running under the rain and not touching the ground ..