Friday, 26 October 2012

Weekend Love, Stories and Grooves

Not many of us would argue that Friday is a wonderful day no matter what weather is outside or what season it is. Take me for instance: I work on week-ends, but still, Friday is pretty special. Firstly, because friends around are all in the uplifted mood looking forward to a night out. Secondly, there is always something nice to see or do on Friday evening.

So what's your plan for tonight? If you got nothing (OUCH!), here is a tip: Teatro Palino in Baden.  Simona Hofmann presents her solo Love side story 1: "Nachts explodieren deine Träume" (Nights explode your dreams), a burlesque and philosophical piece about choices, love and dreams. 
Later on, in the philosophical room of Palino's  UnvermeidBar is a premiere of "Stories and Grooves" - a musical program of Johnny Jazz (bass) And Toby Tiger (text and voice).

Check out the program of Palino theater and the UnvermeidBar for more poesy, music and thoughts - here

Have a lovely weekend,

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