Monday, 17 December 2012

Anna Karenina

After watching Anna Karenina last Saturday the name of my previous post sounds a bit out of place, but hey! there are happy love stories somewhere too, no?

I went to the cinema without reading any reviews, and as much as I can judge from reading a couple of lines from the Observer, many screening evenings were spoiled for my fellow cinema lovers...

Who says that Joe Wright had to execute word to word Leo Tolstoy's novel?.. Who cares that modern Karenina is 20 kg lighter and 10 years younger than the original? (I am not a big fan of Keira Knightley, although I loved the actress's transformation throughout the film from a fresh woman to a feverish possessed creature at the end). 

I didn't like to feel sorry for Jude Law (who plays Karenin) at the end... You are supposed to admire and feel a bit in love about Jude Law, no? Speaking of love, I discovered Matthew Macfadyen! :-). I am NOT into guys with whiskers (sorry, the guys with whiskers!!!), but Matthew... he stole my heart for the evening, I was waiting for each next scene with Oblonsky... 

Go and enjoy the film! It's refined and theatrical and moving (I must admit I started to whine in the very beginning... when they show trailers of upcoming films?.. Damn composers, they put us in awkward situations sometimes!)

Have a good week!

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