Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Old Things, New Things

Every year visiting my mom, I incite her to pull out boxes with old photos as if these yellowed images promise me something unexpected and new… She rolls her eyes but obeys knowing my weakness for retro. 

Here is a photo of my mother (on the right), for example, in her student years.  It looks so modern - It could be easily a backstage shot from some recent collection of Giambattista Valli or Fendi… Simple yet presice cuts, slightly untidy chignons - I love his photo.  

Anyway, people are divided into those who love old stuff and those who don't. I certainly belong the the first camp. Doesn't mean I don't like to give a new twist to an old object: remember some time ago I posted my dilemma about an old French oak cabinet? I did risk to paint it red and I do not regret for a second...

And also my love for dusty old furniture doesn't obstruct me from appreciation of modernity, au contraire!  The last modern and funky object that caught my sight was QLOCKTWO by BIEGERT&FUNK. So far I saw them in Zurich and Bern. 

It comes in three forms (wall, free standing object and hand watch), seven colors and twelve languages.  There are no digits or hands, time is announced every five minutes in a little statement. I would love to have those on my wall. 

And what's going on in your world?

Have a wonderful evening.


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