Friday, 20 September 2013

Mona Lisa Can Wait

Last week I made a short trip to Paris again, and again I did not manage to visit Louvre. There were so many other whimsical places to see that Mona Lisa had to wait. 

First of, I met a dear friend with whom I share a kaleidoscope of colorful memories from our adventures in Haiti.

Here she is, posing in a beautiful straw hat from the AUGUSTINE shop at Rue de Chappe 15. It's a small atelier with a magical atmosphere and hand made pieces inspired by Gatsby era.  I am a proud owner of a beautiful silk scarf created by a Parisian artist Muriel Geoffroy.  
And of course there was Montmartre, whispering its' stories around coffee tables and painters' stands. 

Café Pouchkine (64, boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris) was graciously waiting for us to come in (actually, it's not true: WE were waiting to get in because in spite of its' grand exterior Café Pouchkine is pretty small and cosy and - therefore - busy).  

The Parisian Pouchkine is a french version of the Moscow's mythical restaurant, created by Andrey Dellos, founder of Dellos House, in 1999. There are creations of pastry chef Emmanuel Ryon in a 18th century-inspired decor that evokes the Russian Tsars. A little cliché perhaps, but so well executed that one forgets for a second that it is only a fairytale. And what else matters?

Have a good weekend.


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