Monday, 21 October 2013

Present Continuous

So I spent 10 days without my laptop and came to a curious  obvious conclusion: I suddenly had more time. To read, to think, to meet friends, to contemplate golden leaves under my feet, to visit galleries...

Last Friday a lovely vernissage "Present Continuous"of Natalya Zaloznaya, a Belorussian painter who lives and creates in Brussels since a decade,  took place in Gallery NEVA, Aarau, Switzerland.

Beautiful nostalgic, dreamy images of floating dresses, laughing children, and endless waves created a perfect mood for mid October evening... 

Check Natalya's beautiful website:   www.natalyazaloznaya.com 

Unbelievable that it is already mid October, isn't it? Soon comes winter - the book time. Well, I am lucky all year round spending hours in trains every week, I can read as much as I want. :-) Here is my last choices of reads: "Le Dérèglement du monde" by Amin Maalouf, essays about, well - the hint is in the title -  the current world crisis. Second one is a whimsical novel by Sophie Kinsella "Twenties girl" (yes, I am still obsessed with the Gatsby era), and a new novel of a Macedonian author Goce Smilevski "Freud's Sister". The later won a European Prize for Literature this year.    

Well, well, I think I recited all my news by now. Ah, autumn, autumn; strange and fascinating  season... I feel like something is brewing inside, not sure what it is, but its better be good :-)

Good sunny week everyone,


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