Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Russian Dreams

"These are my dreams, dreams of the human soul, often forgotten and unclaimed in the chaos of our untimeliness"

                                          Vladimir Mishin

No, I will not write about Ukraine, or Sochi... I want to write about artists' dreams... and beautiful women :-) Actually, I want to write about so many things that I don't know where to start. It has been almost two months since my last post. So, the most important: I am having an exposition in two weeks. Yey! It takes place in Baden, In Teatro Palino (28.03 - 13.04, Vernissage is on the 28th starting at 17H, please come by) and I am feeling very lucky to expose my works next to pieces of Vladimir Mishin, a Russian master and a monumentalist. 

The name of the exposition is "Russische Träume" (Russian dreams) and it includes drawings and sculptures of Vladimir Mishin and my paintings. Speaking of which, here is one that I finished today. 

Dans la peau de Pierrot
60x60 sm, acrylic on canvas

Another thrilling event of these days: night carnival of Basel (Basler Fasnacht). It is the biggest carnival in Switzerland that takes place between February and March before lent. At 4 am all city lights go off, and a magnificent river of lanterns floats through the streets of old Basel. 

Around 6 am you get cold feet and start to feel hungry so you jump into a café (which is open throughout the carnival night) to offer yourself a glass of hot wine and cheese or onion pies...mmmm....delicious. Even more delicious if you spent this carnival night in a company of ten beautiful russian women as did .  I must explain: my night trip to Basel was actually a work: I had to photograph a group of ladies who came to Switzerland to celebrate the timeless wisdom of women's' circle. .
And I cannot resist posting a photo of Svetlana (the name means Radiant in Russian), which I took between their classes and rituals. 

Are you still following? :-) Most chaotic post ever! 

Sweet dreams!


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