Monday, 13 January 2014

1001 Nights...

Well, well... What do you do during grey rainy winter mondays?...
I dream through rainy winter mondays... And look through thousands of pictures which I promised to select and send to my friends and clients. 

I found this photo today: a dearest friend and a great client (she has a talent of creating the right mood and image + natural beauty does make it easier for a photographer...:-) is looking playful and noble at the same time... Olga always (even if we are sitting in her kitchen drinking tea) makes me think about Scheherazade... 

Don't you agree?

Warm monday evening, everybody.



  1. My dearest Anechka! Thank you, God, that one day we met on this planet Earth!!! You are the greatest Photographer, Painter, Art-Designer and my lovely Friend and HofFotografin! Thank you for your Creativity and Big Heart! With Love and respect,Olga

  2. What a proud day to be Russian!

    Sochi seemed to float above the winter snow like a delicate marble-veined sculpture--a reflected and refracted kaleidoscope of pure virgin light--Antipodean greens, aquamarines, oranges, teals, sanguine reds, precious golds.

    Sochi is whispering to the world, perhaps unintentionally, perhaps not, that diversity is intrinsically vital and rare.

    If Russia is, as Winston Churchill famously proclaimed, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," then it promises to reveal the essence of its heart slowly, to unfold its secrets one petal at a time.

    In a world of "Smart-Phones," computers, Personal Digital Devices, "Selfies," seemingly endless narcissism, a world filled with the culture of the self-absorbed, the culture of "me, me, I, I," Russia has so many lessons to teach us.

    The earth of Russia alone teaches. It's a land so vast that it encompasses NINE time zones; a population of nearly 150 million people; a country so enormous as to be forever unfathomable.

    It will be interesting to see how much Russia will change these athetes; and perhaps, how much the athletes may change the hidden landscape of Russia.

    It is heartening to see that there still are, and always will be, cultural diversity. It's in our DNA. Even the internet will not make our planet a "mono-culture." We still represent the cultures from which we came, hopefully showing others that there is a much grander, much richer gift than the "self." It is the gift of the self as a reflection--a reflection of the land from which we came, the food we eat, the jokes we tell, the tears we cry, the way we love and choose to be loved.

    At this time, in this place, and with great irony, it seems that only Russia is capable of restoring a sense of uniqueness to the world, embodied by the lone Paraguayan, the first person to represent her country in the Winter Olympics.

    Those athletes from Tonga, Malta, Dominica, and Zimbabwe, are not saying "Look at me, look at me!" They seem to be saying "Look at US!"

    What a proud day to be Russian!

  3. What a beautiful, reassuring comment! Thank you, thank you... And it comes very timely... today I spent half a day on a french police station due to a stupid paper mishap. missed my train back home. Missed a very important appointment of a friend at the hospital... At some point (after three house of paper filling and stupid questioning) a french policeman tells me: do not worry, it is not Russia, we do not torture people on the police stations... so, very timely comment indeed.