Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Velvet Soul

Have you survived this freezing weekend? While the ouside temperatures crawled down the scale last night, in Jazz bisto Isebähnli in Baden (Switzerland) things were heating up with the trio from Zurich "Chamber Soul". 

photo: www.le-bourg.ch

If I could rename the trio, I'd propose "Velvet Soul". The velvet voice of the American-born Soul singer Brandy Butler is warm and deep and pure. And its as lovely to watch her as to listen: she sparkles with humor and humanity. AND her Swiss German is wonderful and charming. But I do get the Chamber lark: these three are not kidding, only a mixture of talent and long hours years of studying and practicing can bring a flawless improvisation-like effect.  Guitarist Roman Hosek and trombonist René Mosele accompany the singer with minimalistic and beautifully skillful sound of soul and jazz. To see. And to listen. Here you can find their tour dates, unfortunately no concerts in Switzerland in the nearest months. 

I couldn't stop listening to their CD this morning (Philadelphia is my favorite so far :-) And the one playing now is "Nothing stays the same".  A propos of changes: if you visited my previous posts, you might have noticed that all the photos decorating my little stories are gone! The constant changes of Google programs are to blame! (They, on the other hand, would say: WE DID ASK YOU, didn't we? yeah yeah, ok, they did). 

Beautiful evening to all and only good changes!


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