Saturday, 11 January 2014

About Time

After my two-week travel marathon I had finally a calm evening yesterday, and was invited to a comfy sofa to watch a movie. As it happens the movie was too about travel, time travel to be precise. Frankly, I was prepared to watch a light and maybe slightly cheesy film (time travel bit made me suspicious...) , although "About Time" took me completely by surprise.

The feeling of flawlessness comes from the first minutes of Richard Curtis's movie, making even the time travel thing look completely natural. Great cast on the first place: Charming Rachel McAdams,  unassuming and elegant Domhnall Gleeson (he was also a discovery of this evening) , and of course my all time  favorite brilliant Bill Nighy, made this story very human and realistic.

The soundtrack is perfect.

The message is simple yet it makes you think: "I've tried to live every day as it it was the final day of the extraordinary ordinary life". Highly recommended :-)

Speaking of time, it's been a while since I posted something of my work... Here is the last painting of 2013:

Composition with pendulum 
69x57 cm, acrylic on board, 2013

Have a nice weekend.


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